Everything's well again!

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It’s amazing what a few days will do to change your outlook on everything. I tell you that was one dark day when I last wrote, but the sunshine’s out again. . .

because I can WALK (and more importantly drive) again! The CT scan said it was just a hairline fracture and the doc said I can walk around with my big black boot for a couple of weeks and to take it easy, but as long as I don’t have a bunch of pain in a month, he doesn’t want to see me again! Talk about good news — normally I’d be offended by someone telling me they don’t want to see me again, but I’ll let it slide this time, for such a good cause.

Knitting-wise, I didn’t get quite as much done as I wanted to, but I did finish the little pirate hat for a new baby girl.

Yet Another Pirate Hat

There it is blocking and I delivered it to my sister, whose friend is the proud cousin of the recipient baby (how’s that for convoluted?). I hope the baby and baby’s mama like it — they are fun, quick knits (when I actually work on them!)

Now on to two adult versions — a black one for my newly minted BIL and a purple set for my grandmother, who’s set to start chemo for metastatized colon cancer within the month. Since she and Maxx (recipient of the first pirate hat) share the same birthday, they really should have matching hats come this February.

And then after that — Holiday Knitting. I keep procrastinating on actually writing out a list, but I think it’s about time to bite the bullet and pare out what I actually can do, rather than shooting for the dreamy stars of gifts for everyone that dance in my eyes.


Rant, rant, rant. . .

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Today is just not a day I should be writing, but I’ll do it anyway.

I am so absolutely done, done, done with this foot injury and it’s been barely 2 weeks and less than a week and a half since I was relegated to non-weight-bearing on crutches by my podiatrist. Yesterday I had the CT scan that will tell us just how badly I broke my damn heel and I’ll find out the prognosis and treatment come Friday. In the meantime, I’m so tired of not being able to do anything around the house or go anywhere since our only car is a little stick and the broken heel is my right one. Ry and the kids are doing tons around the house, but I feel like my independence is gone (who am I kidding, it is!) and I hate it. Hate it, hate it hate it.

I’ve done all the sitting around knitting and reading I can stand, (sinc when do I hate knitting??), the hills around the place make it a chore to getting outside and my hands and arms hurt from overdoing it with last night’s trick or treating. Life just seems like a big fat mess in my head.

Boy, that was cathartic just getting it out. Whew.

I did finish up one Socktoberfest sock and I’ll consider that a success since I’m basically one-footed these days. Since my camera batteries are dead and I can’t find the charger since the move, just imagine a photo of me with a big, black boot cast and a lovely sock made of the Mountain Colors Northern Lights colorway in Mountain Goat — so soft and warm and I hope the second one will come out just as nicely for the moment I can wear it on my other foot!

The pirate hat is coming along now — almost to the little skull and cross bones intarsia and then it’s just a matter of cruising on and finishing. Then after that, I’m not sure what I’ll start up — maybe Ry’s sweater for Xmas or Nana’s or something else… Any ideas?


In which I lament that gauge is rather useful.

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Yes, it finally bit me in the butt. I did not do a gauge swatch or a check before getting to very nearly the end; and it has caused me grief.

I ended up frogging the little pirate hat I’m working up for my sister’s friend’s cousin’s new baby because it was fitting my almost six-year-old! And apparently denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, since I kept thinking “Oh, it’ll just shrink down.” or “It just looks bigger than it will be when it’s done.” or “Bigger is better, right? The baby’ll grow into it.” Yeah, in about 4 years!

So frog it, I did, and then set it aside for now is the time for all the last minute Halloween fun. Cade needs some armor for his knight suit and Cort needs his samurai armor done as well. 2 days to go, and since I can’t go anywhere, guess I’ll just sit here and sew hundreds of these little bits on. Did you know that the samurai had bright sparkly armor??

Ayup. Neither did I.


Lots of time to knit now...

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I broke my heel last week trying to fly off of a hay bale structure. Of course, I should have known better, but reaching the end of my 20’s with kids about to turn 9 & 6, just got the better of me and I decided I couldjump from a height of 4 or 5 feet and not suffer any injuries.

Yeah right.

So I’ll be sitting here knitting away for the holidays to get everything done. And one benefit of waiting around in the doc’s office yesterday morning — One Socktoberfest sock done and the other’s cast on. I may complete a knit-along yet!


Obssession is normal. . .

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So 2006... til now.

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I’ve done a bit ‘o the knitting this year, too, but like last year documentation is sparse. When will I learn to take a photo of everything as soon as it’s off the needles??

My little nephew, Maxx
First off, we start with the cutest little pirate hat, for the cutest little nephew, I have!

Maxx's Earflap Pirate Hat
And another, this time with earflaps, since he outgrew the other one, oh so fast!

Can you speak and knit at the same time?
There was a Harlot sighting in Los Altos. It is the ultimate in talent to be able to knit and speak to 300+ people at the same time (with 4 needles, no less!)

Mason-Dixon Camping Warshrag
One just can’t go camping without color coordinating your warshrags and dish towels, thus a Mason-Dixon warshrag was completed while camping in September. I also happened to complete a Rainbow one for home, but did I honor it or posterity with a photo? No. Sheer laziness there.

Wool Soup Shawl
And evidence of my longest running FO—a prairie shawl out of some of my beautiful Wool Soup yarn, L gave me.

There’s lot of other things in there that flew off the needles just like in 2005 and I’ve got a sock going on for Socktoberfest and all, but pics? Nah, you’ll just have to wait til I can figure out where I packed the camera battery charger.

It’s good to be back… hope you’re all still around, too.


Hey I'm back...

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We moved twice since I last wrote and I’m finally settling into our new place all the way over on the Left Coast .

Knitting wise I have been busy, but whether or not I can find hard, concrete evidence will have be seen.

Here’s what I’ve found so far:

In June 2005.
C'mon Llama
Mom and I went to the Fiber Frolic in Maine and saw the Llama Drill Team. . .

Kissing Llamas
There’s a lot of love for the llamas there.

Then we hopped on I-80 West in July and never looked back.
Obviously there aren’t alot of red lights on 80, so not much knitting time there.

But once we arrived in CA, I promptly started on some hats.
Jester Monk
Here’s a baby jester hat from August. . .

Ear Flap Hat
And my camping earflap hat from handspun/hand-dyed goodness out of Idaho that I did up in September.

Rachel's Sweet Cap
And a cap for my sweet cousin’s 3rd birthday in December.

There was more before all in before the end of 2005, but I’ll be damned if I took any photos. I was too much in shock of there being no snow at Christmas!


NHS&W: The Goodies Edition

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Whew… It’s taken me 24 hours to readjust to life after S&W.

Lynn was a great partner in crime. At first we were very controlled and orderly as we went through each building in order and looked at everything slowly and carefully. Of course, I couldn’t indulge in every little impulse since I had forgotten to stop for cash on the way up! Note to S&W Organizers: having a working or open ATM on the grounds would be fabulous.

Of course, we eventually broke the seal and after a walking back to the car to drop off some of Lynn’s roving and a quick jaunt into town for my cash, all hell broke loose. It’s really a good thing some things got snatched up before I came around a second time otherwise I’d be swimming in even more SABLE. I also resisted all animals and spinning related goodies since I won’t allow myself to get sucked into that ‘til I’ve actually learned to spin!

Here’s the goods I picked up (all in all, I don’t think I did too bad)...

I finally got my swift and ball winder · no more wasting hours winding balls! I picked this set up with my birthday money from my grandparents and folks—Thanks guys! That’s some of the organic color-grown cotton I picked up from Decadent Fibers being wound.

And two wound balls of the organic cottton—So very soft, but I think it’ll be a summer bag for me instead of clothing.

Super Secret Purply Sweater Yarn (3 different colors)—It’s a Romney/Mohair blend from Spring Hill Farm in VT for someone special.

3 Sheepie Cups… too cute and perfect for storing little bits in.

Spot and a handpainted skein in deep rich autumn colors from Green Mountain Spinnery. I think this skein wants to be a hat.

A Sheepie in the Window. I had to bring some kind of animal home with me!

I promised you all a shot of that styrofoam sheepie… and here s/he is. Poor little guy with us having a joke at his/her expense.

All in all a great, but wet day. Off to knit, knit, knit!

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Sheep & Wool

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I am such a lucky duck since not only did I get to go to NHS&W today with the kids and Ry, but tomorrow I get to go sans kids and with Lynn. Talk about treats all around. The only bummer is this year I’m under a strict mandate of NO ANIMALS. Not fair.

Today’s visit was pretty much a whirlwind since it consisted mostly of kids saying, “Let’s go here… Let’s go there… See this… See that.” I didn’t get to peruse anything too closely, but I’ve got a general idea of where I do want to spend most of my time tomorrow.

Sheepie Huddle
We stopped for awhile to watch the sheep dog demonstrations. Very neat to see the control the dogs have and I love seeing the sheepies all huddled up running around for some reason.

Cort and a Sheepie
We ran into two different homeschooling family friends and got to go in and check out one family’s lambs they were showing. Of course, just down the way I saw a little black Icelandic I’d love to have as a mower, but as stated before “NO ANIMALS. Bbbbbllllllpppptttt.

The Guys and a Sheep
The last shot I took today… Shortly after I took the last shot, we saw a newly shorn sheep. Ry said looked like it was made out of one of those styrofoam mattresses. He thought they were hilarious.

On another note, I did get a glimpse of the Harlot (and her entourage) today, too. Can’t miss her when you see the Rhinebeck sweater and Gap pants from afar. However, I was far too chicken to say ‘hi’ and just celebrity stalked her from afar. Besides I was too busy wrangling two popcorn crazy boys, too.

So, of course, there’ll be more to see tomorrow. Pics of styrofoam sheep and stash to come!

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Well, hi.

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Apparently I disappeared for a few months there… Here’s the lowdown…

February was full of…

snowmen, and

burying kids in the snow, and

baking bread, and

going to the zoo, and

surprises from my Nana (a filet crochet scene for Christmas display)!

I also got an ·awesome· RAOK from Stacey. Beautiful blue yarn, a totally wicked sheep pen and a few other goodies. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures… but I have plans for that yarn this summer. Keep an eye out here.

March blew in with…

old friends,

and snow… it’s a good thing I had…

my very cool hat I bought back in February. I also finished…

Ry’s felted slippers, so his toes could be toasty (maybe he needs a hat, too?)

We had umpteen car repairs this month, getting the cars up to snuff for inspection. Our bank account didn’t like that, so I was put on a yarn diet. What was I to do without fresh lovely yarn??

Why start a bunch of eggs to hatch, of course! Cort insists that we’re starting a farm (I guess with cats, chickens, and rabbits, we’re well on our way.

And then came April, the month our pocketbook finished emptying out and then self-destructed. The well pump died. And couldn’t be replaced. So we had to dig a WHOLE NEW WELL.


Since that was so painful my girlfriend and I took this gang of turkeys for a hike.

Would you go hiking with this bunch??

and at home we just skipped right along to hatching our chickies.

Aren’t they cute??

We ended up with 5… 2 that look like their barred rock papa and 3 looking like their NH Red mamas.

Then the end of the month came and I turned ·28·

I’m so loved—horror movies and an iPod!! My boys love me so!

Now May is here and I’m finally catching up. Maybe I’ll even get some more knitting in, especially since NHS&W is coming up next weekend. Remind not to take 3 months to update again, ‘k? You might have to drag me out of the bath—Calgon, take me away!

Ahhhhh. . .


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