All Things Considered

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1. I like peace.
2. I like to knit.
3. I’ve lived in CA, ND, MA, NH, and CA with shortish stints in MN & SC. Where am I now?
4. Wild things rule my life whether they be small humans, cats, chickens, or rabbits.
5. I love to read.
6. My husband thinks I’m nuts most of the time.
7. Fortunately, he loves me anyway.
8. My grandmother first taught me how to knit. Then I promptly forgot how. With a little help from a book, I managed to relearn and it’s all been downhill from there.
9. I have two boys.
10. And a nephew.
11. My mother wishes for a girl. My sister and I tell her, “Tough. You had your girls already. Bring on the boys!”
12. I can’t imagine anything I wouldn’t be interested in learning.
13. Such is the curse of my butterfly brain — I’m constantly flitting about.
14. I’m a bit of a PigPen — I tend to always have a cloud of clutter following me.
15. In my eyes, it’s not clutter, but neccessities. Like yarn.
16. And books.
17. Someday I’ll go to Iceland, Ireland, the UK, all over Europe, New Zealand, Russia, Africa and anywhere else I can. I love travelling and seeing other places.
18. Sadly, I’ve only been in Germany, Canada and, of course, almost all of the States. It just doesn’t seem too far.
19. I used to be a summer girl, but now Fall and Winter seem to be my favorite seasons.
20. I wonder if those being prime knitting seasons has anything to do with it.
21. I do love snow, too.
22. This is blasphemous according to Ry.
23. I never should have brought him to CA.
24. Being where we are in CA means the snow is at least 4 hours away. It’s not far enough for him.
25. Little does he know, that we will return to the Great White North of New England. I’ll hire a plow so he doesn’t have to shovel ever again, just to persuede him to return.